A few things about the dcc command station

Facts About Digital Command Control When it comes to your favorite hobby of train enthusiasm, there is nothing more vital or useful than that of the dcc command station . For those of you who have not yet been introduced to the marvels of this technology, here are some facts about the system that you may enjoy.

First off, the purpose behind a DCC system is to be able to control the locomotives in an independent manner. In the old days of trains as a hobby, the locomotives would have to be separated by using a complex system of wiring, toggle switches, and other devices so that they would not run into each other on the track. This problem and inconvenience has been solved by the invention of the dcc command station . The old tracks relied upon a direct current voltage system which, while powerful, was capable of only sending power to one locomotive at a time. The new dcc command station has a different power supply, that being alternating current, which allows the center to control the speeds of multiple locomotives all at the same time. Since all of this information is now able to be digitally encoded versus hard-wired, the removal of cumbersome electrical blocks is necessitated. What this means for train hobbyists and enthusiasts all over the world is that they will be able to enjoy the train sets and locomotives in a much more convenient manner than ever before. They may be even able to expand their current set since there will be more space due to the removal of the more traditional but ever impeding block terminals and devices. As you can see, if you are a train hobbyist, it is certainly in your best interest to be able to use the new dcc command station