Protect Your Workplace With These 4 Safety Tips

Workplace safety can be a complex issue. If you’re willing to make some changes around the factory, however, there are a number of steps that you can take to increase safety and reduce accidents. Here are just four tips for better workplace safety.

  1. Improve Your Signage

Expand your horizons beyond “caution” and “wet floor.” If something will cause an electric shock when touched, make sure that your sign details that. If a door will set off an alarm when improperly opened, print it on your sign in big red letters. Your employees should have all of the facts when confronted with a new and potentially dangerous situation.

  1. Ask for a Risk Assessment

This is especially important if you’re worried about something like arc flashes. You can hire certified professionals to come to your workplace and perform a hazard/risk category (HRC) evaluation that will judge your potential for accidents. You can also schedule an arc flash assessment. Both measures will help you improve safety around the workplace.

  1. Record Everything

It might be easier said than done, but if you can start making rules about the documentation of risks, accidents and potential points of failure, you can slowly improve both safety and accountability in your workplace. Just make sure that your workers won’t be too afraid to make reports. Never penalize someone for bringing you bad news; if they’re anxious about the repercussions of reporting something, they’ll simply hide it instead.

  1. Set Goals

Having goals can keep you focused on the big picture as you work to improve your safety standards. They can also help you track the progress of new rules and regulations. Don’t aim too high in the beginning of your safety efforts, however; start with simple goals that are easy to achieve. This will boost morale and serve as a foundation for future success.

There’s more to protecting your work environment than simply propping up signs about wet floors. If you’re serious about improving conditions for yourself and your employees, you’ll need to take these tips into account. Good luck!