The Computer Skills That Will Help Advance A Tech Career

In this age of ever-growing technology, it seems like the moment one new advancement comes out, another one replaces it in mere seconds. That is why it is important to for people working in the tech industry to brush up on their skills and even expand their horizons by learning some others. While most people often cite a lack of time, online courses provide a great way to find a computer skills course or computer skills training that will help someone get a leg up on the competition. Following are 5 skills that will help advance a tech career.

1. Image Editing And Graphic Design

While many people might focus on coding, it would not hurt to have some background in graphic design to compliment app or website building. Graphic design is the creation of graphics and visuals that help enhance a product, which helps make it come to life. People may be more inclined to hire someone who can skills, making them an invaluable asset. Many online courses are available to help people learn graphic design, with the main decision focusing on which product you want to learn on first. For example, for those looking for a course on InDesign CC, has a course that consists of 10 hours of content on Photoshop. Treehouse has one as well that combines video and interactive pieces (quizzes, challenges). Udacity takes the MOOC approach to learning for those that wish to take 2 weeks to learn the basics of graphic design with a lead instructor.

2. Website Design

Anyone works on graphic and image design may also want to take things a step further by looking into some online training websites that teach web design to enhance their skills and make them more marketable. Various courses exist, and some for people of different skill levels. Dash General teaches the basic of web design, such as Javascript and HTML, through a series of story-based tutorials that are also interactive. For those that know basic information and want a step up, Learn Layout provides a course that lets you go at your own pace over topics like CSS with some HTML thrown in.

3. Website Coding

Without code, an app or website would not be able to function properly, even if great graphics were developed. That is why designers should think about adding website coding through a computer coding classes to their arsenal. There are many online resources for those wanting a course that resembles one you would find in a classroom, Skillcrush offers a “blueprint” that allows students to follow a path of 3 courses that help build on each other. Code Avengers is unique because it starts with small tasks that you accomplish while watching the results in a simulator. Khan Academy also has courses on website coding, which many people enjoy because they feel like they are sitting with someone through the exercises.

4. Online Marketing

Online Marketing refers to the strategies used by businesses to promote themselves in an online environment. This includes websites and social media. Learning these skills provides a valuable opportunity for techies, because it means that not only can you create the content, but you can help distribute it as well. Google’s Online Marketing Challenge may be one avenue that people want to start from, especially since successful learners have a chance to win prizes from Google. Learners start with a $250 AdWords budget to use over three weeks in which they run a campaign for a not-for-profit. Those who want to focus on social media can take Constant Contact’s Social Media Quickstarter, which shows learners how to integrate mail with social media marketing. HubSpot Academy also has a digital marketing course that consist of 4.5 hours of instruction and 38 lectures.

5. App Development

While it is important to have a web presence, it is now just as important to make sure that any business also adapts to mobile. This is where developing mobile apps come in. App developers adapt current online technologies and make them convenient for someone to view them on a cell phone or tablet. Like all other tech skills on this list, there are online coding courses that one can take if they wish to increase their skills. Google offers an online training module that covers Android app building, where someone can learn how to build one scratch. For those interested in apps for iOS, Standard University has a course that covers the basic of iPhone and iPad app development. Then for those that wish to combine both operating systems, Harvard Computer Science module covers apps for iOS using Xcode and iOS SDK and for Android using eclipse and Android SDK.

Learning a new skill may take time, but in the end, it can also be rewarding in so many ways. This is especially true if you can use that skill to build up your job marketability.