Idea Recharge Online: Boon for the Common Man

Recharging a prepaid mobile connection, till about sometime back used to be one of the most stressful tasks. Stressful because it had to be done on a regular basis but required the person to take time out of his busy schedule to visit a retailer or reseller’s shop in the local market or maybe the cellular service provider’s branded showroom in one of the bigger shopping complexes or mall that would be some good miles away and required him to drive through traffic or take a local transportation to reach the place. On the other hand, the recharge date could not be missed at any cost – because that would mean that the mobile device could no longer be used for making calls or sending messages. As technology evolved a bit more, missing out on the recharge date also meant that accessing social media Apps and sites and emails etc. were hampered and stopped for the period that the connection was not recharged back.

Idea Cellular was probably one of the first ones to acknowledge this issue. The customer centric cellular service provider invested in strengthening and upgrading its infrastructure and network to enable its subscribers to carry out Idea recharge online and make online payments of postpaid mobile bills. This provision of online recharge and payments by the company was completely in line with the motto of Digital India movement that was launched by the Government of India in 2016. Going cashless and empowering the common man to carry out financial transactions through digital methods is one of the main objectives of this program. With the onset of virtual payment methods, the technology had to be strengthened further to make it robust and infallible.

While carrying out the task of Idea recharge online, whether from the company enabled e-commerce site or App or the third party reseller site or App, there could be no way that the personal data of the subscriber could be compromised. Hence the system needed not only to be strong, there needed to be appropriate use of technology to make it safe and sound for use by the common man. Following the route of modernization and upgradation with the sole aim of providing world-class services to its subscriber base, the company did all that was required to be done for creating an efficacious and reliable system. As incidents of cyber-crime made way to the headlines, the service provider made it his utmost duty to enable safer and secure transactions online through its App and brand website.

The third party websites and Apps are equally powerful and safe, in fact, more so because these resellers resell not only Idea recharge online or bill payments; they retail products and services of other merchants and service providers and hence needed to make their servers, networks and systems absolutely foolproof. In fact, some of these online retailers have their own payment gateway and processing systems that are outsourced and often customized for other e-commerce companies to use for their online stores.