How to Utilize Technology to Save on Your Car Cost

When someone’s income is stable, even greater, would want to buy a dream car. The price of the car cannot be spelled out. But owning a four-wheeled vehicle also requires extra maintenance at a cost that is quite expensive.

That is a consequence that must be borne by you if you have luxury goods. Not to mention the cost of insurance, fuel, and other costs. Even so, there are still many people who are willing to buy car loans to support their mobility. the advantage of having a car can you can not like a motorcycle.

As technology develops, now you don’t need to worry about these costs. It turns out you can synchronize technology with your vehicle. All car maintenance costs can be saved by using technology on your smartphone.

1. Cost-Effective Workshop

OBD Auto Doctor, Dash, or Automatic application that can analyze car readiness without having to be taken to the garage. Examples find vehicle problems, such as lights out, and others. This of course will save the cost of repairs. If you really have to go to a garage, you can tell the car problem to the technician, thus saving time to diagnose.

This method can also prevent you from being fooled by technicians for money. For vehicles equipped with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the settings are quite easy. However, for older vehicles, an adapter must be installed. This adapter is connected to the port.

2. Save Gasoline Costs

The Fuelcaster and Esurance application can predict whether the price of fuel oil (BBM) or gas will rise or fall tomorrow. In other words, this application can help you find the cheapest gasoline prices in real time in your neighborhood. So when prices go up or down, this app will always be updated. Not bad if you can get the cheapest price.

3. Rent a Car

Technology is indeed increasingly sophisticated. There is another car sharing app or car sharing. If you have a car, but it is rarely used because you are tired of being stuck in traffic, car parking is more expensive, you can try the carsharing application. So the business model of the owner lends or rents a car to someone else. The time can be counted hours or days. Regarding the rates charged, it is up to the car owner or operator. Can be determined based on minutes, hours, or using distance counts.

Instead of a car parked in the garage, while credit must still be paid every month, it’s better to rent a car. Remember, still have to be careful with business models like this so as not to be cheated. Make sure you as a vehicle owner know clearly the tenant’s identity.

4. Register for Online Transportation

have a car to make an online taxi. The application is called ridesharing. This trend will continue to grow rapidly. The consulting firm McKinsey even predicted that about 10% of the vehicles sold would be shared vehicles or ridesharing.

Register yourself as an online transportation partner operator. Besides being able to save money, it even increases income. If you don’t want to be complicated, transport passengers who are one-way to your destination, especially those who live in big cities.

Don’t Allergy to Technology

Utilizing smart phone or smartphone technology can help you save on all your vehicle expenses. Don’t be allergic to technology, because technology will always keep up with the times. Likewise with business, must always keep up with every technological change. Because if put to good use, technology will provide benefits and make it easier for you to do all your daily activities. Good luck.