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Hi Peter, I assume you miss the point. Your three articles and this hub won’t dominate page 1, you’ll only get one or two listings. Article spinning can dominate upto the primary 25 positions not only one. I have one key phrase phrase that holds six different positions on page 1. So therefore, article spinning is efficient. Believe it or not, some college students have truly cited information from parody sites, like the , as reputable information reference. Keep in thoughts that anyone with entry to a server can upload material onto the Web, so intently look at all the things you find.

If you believe that by spinning text and spreading that 1 thought throughout the web is meaningfull and will assist at the very least to 1 individuals to find solution – then YES, it’s added value. No I even have not missed the point. Please show me a set of spun articles that take up the first 25 locations for any time period that may very well be thought-about competitive. I actually would like to see this.

The fact is, technology doesn’t work in every situation, but it may make school much more enjoyable. Not solely are classes which incorporate technology interactive, they’re also very memorable and significant for college students. By the way in which I don’t delete the articles from my article listing as a result of they’re spun however as a result of they are gibberish.

I think about myself educated in spinning software program. I might in actual fact take this complete hub and spin it and submit it to over 500 directories without any duplicate content material penalty. I could additionally take one other one hundred spun articles and put it on squidoo, hubpages and each other web 2.0 with out penalty. Great information and the professionals and cons with all the expertise! Congratulations on your hub of the day!