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New TechnologySocial media agency Snap Inc often is the highest profile tech IPO deliberate for 2017, with the potential to raise billions.

Take benefit of software program-as-a-service. Compared to buying and downloading software program, renting” software program as a service can enhance ROI. Upgrades are included, so that you save time tracking and installing them. The software provider’s IT workforce handles updates and ensures safety issues are patched, so that you save time and hassles. And it is easy to scale up and down as wanted so you’re not spending money on licenses you do not need.

Document the costs and advantages of the new technology. Attempt to create a strategy to monitor the cost-benefit tradeoffs in an effort to inform if the new expertise is leading to a gain. With good controls, you can easily determine if it is profitable or not. However, it may possibly generally be very difficult …

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A successful field service company uses work order dispatch software, which is becoming increasingly popular. Implementing automated dispatch software can significantly improve your company’s operations, given the numerous moving pieces of your field service organization that need management.

Consequently, you can spend less time than usual tracking cars, planning routes, interacting with staff, and managing the schedules of field service personnel. By streamlining your strategy, the correct software can increase the productivity of your entire fleet.

Consider some of the following advantages of work order dispatch software for your company.


You should try to automate as many aspects of your company as you can, especially in the field service industry. As an illustration, the automated barcode scanning method used by eCommerce companies allows online retailers to save time and money. In the same way, field service businesses can automate jobs as they are received and set up appointments with …

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Video Game Voice Chat Is So Toxic, Two Black Gamers Are Taking On The Issue Themselves


The Watch took their online campaign to stamp out racism in online gaming to TwitchCon earlier this month.

Racism and bigotry in certain online gaming spaces have become so synonymous with the culture, most players have just accepted the toxicity as part of the experience. For example, people who play Call of Duty today and use voice chat are generally split into two camps: those willing to put up with an endless stream of racist and sexist comments from random people on the internet, and those who avoid online lobbies altogether in favor of using voice chat alternatives like Discord to speak to their friends.

But Annabel Ashalley-Anthony, founder of “Melanin Gamers,” believes racism, sexism, and homophobia only persists in online games because there hasn’t been a serious industry-wide effort to actually try and address the problem.

“It’s easier to report a cheater than to report someone saying something sexist

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Factorio studio angers Russian gamers by increasing regional price from $9 to $174

Factorio (opens in new tab) developer Wube Software is facing a fierce backlash from Russian gamers after suddenly and sharply increasing the price of the game on Steam in Russia. The price hike resulted in a flood of hundreds of negative user reviews (opens in new tab)and while the overall rating remains “overwhelmingly positive,” the current rating is “mixed,” with just over half of the user reviews posted over the past 30 days being positive.

As shown by SteamDB (opens in new tab), the price of Factorio in Russia had held steady at 520 ($9) since Factorio’s launch in 2020. On July 14, however, it shot up to 10,000—more than $174. That’s a hell of a price for an indie game on Steam in any country, and it came without any word from the developer about a reason for the increase, or even an acknowledgment that it had

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Mark Neace earned $700K coaching ‘League of Legends’ gamers

This retired soldier is making a mint teaching pretend warriors how to fight on their computers.

Mark Neacean ex-Army Intelligence sergeant, coaches people on how to play the video game “League of Legends” — the most popular game played on a competitive level around the world.

While E-sports are gaining traction — even being eyed as an Olympic event — the pool of coaches is still small, and the 33-year-old Virginian has seized the opportunity. He estimates he earned $700,000 last year.

“I’m one of the first video game coaches, so I don’t really have to fight to retain clients, as silly as that sounds,” said Neace, who served a tour in Afghanistan during a four-year military career. “If a fitness trainer heard that, they’d be like, ‘That’s amazing,’ because that’s such a competitive industry and everybody on Instagram is a fitness influencer these days.”

Charging $250 to $300

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STEPN Kickstarts Gamers’ Interest As GMT Capitalizes On Bullish Retracement

And the game is on for STEPN as the GMT token plays in sync with other cryptocurrencies amplified for the bull run. In the past couple of weeks, STEPN has been making upgrades on its network to rekindle the waning interest of gamers. And the token seems to be making a lot of progress.

The move-to-earn game has recently rolled out Health Points that set a certain life cycle for STEPN sneakers. They also were brewing an exciting STEPNrun Contest that is scheduled to kick off from July 25 to August 8 which is meant to get the word out about STEPN on social media. The contest is designed to run on both Instagram and Twitter.

GMT Token Price Warms Up At $1.01

The GMT token price is currently at $1.01 and is forecasted to take off in the past couple of days. It looks like STEPN is just warming

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Some “Gamers” Are Really Upset About GTA 6 Having a Female Protagonist

Recent reports of a GTA 6 female protagonist has had an interesting response, to say the least. There are those who are simply looking forward to the game and want to see how it all plays out. On the other hand are “real gamers” who are upset that Rockstar Games is going “woke” (and about to go broke, or whatever the cool kids say), and the idea of ​​a female protagonist in such a hardcore crime game that’s strictly meant for the most masculine of all males is just unacceptable. Such are the reactions that one of the best Twitter accounts, Shitty Gamer Takes, came out of retirement to share some of the shittiest takes on the story.

The idea of ​​a GTA 6 female protagonist upset one GOP Congressional candidate as well

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Indonesia has blocked Steam, Epic Games, PayPal, and more

The Indonesian government has blocked popular gaming sites and web services after they did not register for a new set of licensing rules. The organization responsible for the block, a government communication ministry known locally as Kominfo, has attracted widespread criticism on Indonesian social media following the enforcement, with “BlokirKominfo” (“Block Kominfo”) trending.

Websites and services blocked include Steam, Epic Games, Battle Net, Ubisoft, Origin, Nintendo, Yahoo, and PayPal. PayPal has since been temporarily unblocked to allow Indonesians a five day window to withdraw their money.

The new rules, first announced in November 2020, give Indonesian authorities the power to compel platforms to disclose certain user data and take down content deemed unlawful or that “disturbs public order” within as few as 4 hours.

Earlier this month, Indonesia had urged tech companies to sign on to these new licensing rules before a July 20th deadline. Some companies, including Amazon, Facebook,

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Gamers Demand Production of ‘Skate 5’

MONTREAL — Following the trailer for the fourth Skate game, titled skate.gamers have demanded that Electronic Arts begin production on a sequel to the upcoming game.

“Yeah, yeah, the new Skate game is gonna have microtransactions or something. Annoying, I guess, but honestly that’s not even why I care. For me, the fun of the Skate series at this point has nothing to do with playing Skate games; it’s all about begging online for a new game to get announced,” said gamer Jeffrey Rogers. “We’ve built a whole community around begging EA to make Skate 4 and now that it’s finally happening, that chapter of our lives has come to a close. I don’t even really like playing Skate games — to me, the game is asking for the game. And so the game of Skate 4 begins for us: demanding EA make Skate 5.”

“I kinda bounced

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Play-to-earn’s future is being decided in Brazil by Gunstars

On July 8, Mark Venturelli beamed onto the main screen of Brazil’s International Games Festival. The game developer was set to present on game design, but he began his address with a twist. “I fooled you guys. The name of my talk is not ‘Future of Video Games,’” he announced. “It’s called ‘Why NFTs are a nightmare.’”

NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, have become one of the primary currencies in a growing model of games called play-to-earn, where users receive in-game digital rewards such as weapons or clothing that can be sold on crypto marketplaces. Critics like Venturelli argue that the rise of play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity has, in rampant speculation and a worsening design among online games.

“Play-to-earn does something that was never done before, which is to turn games from an activity about entertainment into an economic activity,” Venturelli told Rest of World. Nevertheless, there is a

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