Geeky Subscription Boxes for All Ages

One of the hottest trends for those who like having fun at home is something called a subscription box. You pay a set amount each month to have one of these boxes delivered right to your door. Many companies offer discounts for those who pay for a year in advance, and some companies offer boxes that come less often. Subscription boxes are available for those who like trying new snacks, those who enjoy reading and even those who like doing experiments at home. Looking at the top geeky subscription boxes can help you pick the best one for you.

Spangler Science Club

Have you ever wished that you could recreate some of the science experiments that you did in school with your kids at home? Spangler Science Club is a subscription box that allows you to learn more about science because it comes with activities and experiments that you can do each month. Though designed for kids between the ages of five and 12, most of the monthly activities are perfect for sharing with adults and other kids in your home. The boxes are available in three sizes that come with one, five or 10 new activities each month.

Loot Crate

Loot Crate is one of the most well-known geeky subscription boxes available. The basic box includes between five and seven items each month, though some boxes come with more items. You’ll usually get a tee shirt and some collectibles as well as a pin. Each month follows a different theme. You can log in on the website to view the theme for the next month. If you don’t like that theme, you can skip that month without canceling your subscription. Themes include comic books, video games and sci-fi films.

 Creation Crate

Those who love computers will love Creation Crate. This subscription box sends you projects each month that are suitable for people age 12 and older. You might get products with PVD coatings that you use to build you own working light, or you might get supplies to build a distance detector or a dice game suitable for two or more players. Each month features a different computer or electronics project. You can sign up for an entire year as a new customer and get 12 different projects mailed to you throughout the year. These subscription boxes are great for anyone with a geeky side and make great gifts too.