Inventions That Changed the World

Throughout history, there have been men and women of incredible insight that were able to invent items we take for granted today. While the creation was impressive when it was invented, each of these three inventions changed the world in many ways.

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The Radio

One of the first technological designs of the 20th century, the radio was an amazing invention for its age. Although most didn’t understand how it happened, for the first time, common man could listen to invisible waves that were captured and presented in a small box – the result was mesmerizing for millions. As the radio advanced in design, directional couplers, broadband power dividers, and smaller cases made the invention even more of a mystery.

The Antibiotic

The medical world was forever changed with the invention of antibiotics. Man felt as if he had conquered the mysteries of the human body by outsmarting deadly bacteria. Before the advent of penicillin, even a small scratch could cause death in horrible ways, but the use of antibiotics has been attributed to saving the lives of tens of millions of people. As more pharmaceuticals became available, the world became a better place as people were saved from more diseases than ever before.

The Plane

When the first plane took off from the ground and flew those few feet, it caused a huge stir around the world and was considered a miracle. Although there are many positive aspects to the ability to travel by plane across the globe in hours, there is a sadder and more serious side of how the plane changed the world. The ability to move around the world quickly also enabled diseases to travel across borders that were not able to before. Planes also allowed more drugs to infiltrate boarders and damage lives.

Creative and inventive people have changed human life throughout the ages. Do you wonder what the next great invention will be that forever changes your life?